The Cape May : Central City May Rise Again

2004 | CD/Digital | 012

Central City May Rise Again is a stark contrast of winding, lush soundscapes and overdriven bursts of noise. Powerful and brooding, these songs paint an evocative landscape populated by ghosts and seething with a foreboding presence.


1 Thing (Summer in 6/4 time)
2 On SunPrinted Thumbs
3 Hunting Grounds
4 As a Ghost
5 Address the Royal We
6 Photographs of Combinations
7 Black Mile
8 Bullmarket Frenzy
9 House on Reigns
10 Firestation Post


"beautifully diverse set of well produced folk rock mini-epics."
- Exclaim!

"The album is phenomenally produced ... beautiful lyrical reflections on life, death and the resistance thereof."
- Tyson Lennox, Terminal City

" energetic and evocative experience which leaves the listener level to the clouds."
- Marc Boudignon, Chart Magazine

"A remarkable debut from this reflective folk rock ensemble. With heady, hazy precision, they capture a mood and exhale into it curls of lucid introspection, observation and storytelling more skillfully than anyone has a right to. Simply brilliant."
- Mike Bell, Calgary Sun

"Central City May Rise Again is a patient and exceptionally good listen, benefiting from high production values and strong songwriting."
- Chart Magazine

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