The Cape May : Glass Mountain Roads

2006 | CD/Digital | 014

Beautiful, sweet melodies woven with a dark and dream-like lyricism make Glass Mountain Roads an unforgettable listen; the album paints stories replete with rich characters, deserted houses, and the forboding urban smokestacks of development.

For the follow-up to Central City May Rise Again, the band enlisted acclaimed engineer Steve Albini (Nirvana, Smog, Low, The Pixies). Layered with strings, keys, theremin and accordian, the album breathes with Albini’s trademark earthy approach, from Clinton’s distinctive and sometimes otherworldly voice to the dark, sweeping arrangements.

Haunting and surreal, St. John’s lyrics give a cinematic quality to the songs, finding Orwellian landscapes and dream-like scenes delivered with starkness and honesty. Packaged in a beautiful digipak sleeve with art by Chad VanGaalen.

Track Listing

1. Spring Flight to the Land of Fire
2. Old and Early Numbers
3. Spider’s Heart Attack
4. Copper Tied
5. Knife Sequence
6. Mari
7. Still Island
8. Little and Hook
9. Catch your Words
10. Desert House
11. Butcher’s Son


"people who take the time will not be disappointed ... (Glass Mountain Roads) is a band realizing it’s true musical might."
- Sound The Sirens

- Bryan Borzykowski, NOW Magazine (4/5)

"Filled with haunting arrangements and songs so epic they border on the mythological, Glass Mountain Roads is gorgeous in its stark simplicity."
- Jason Lewis, FFWD Magazine

"Glass Mountain Roads demonstrates the skills of a beautifully entangled group of musicians, with thoughtful vocal melodies floating about over carefully constructed polyrhythmic post–rock jams (mix a dash of Bonnie Prince with the moodier side of Pinback and you’re kind of in the ballpark)."
- Neil Haverty, VIEW Magazine
"This band's peculiar, unorthodox progressive pop flows like ocean waves...constantly evolving and reinventing itself in the process."
- Babysue

"Glass Mountain Roads is a dark and ethereal unsettling dream. Too beautiful to be a nightmare, but too sinister to be a 'fantasy.'”

"Glass Mountain Roads" is the type of album that you just can't seem to take out of your CD player."
- Paul Borchert, MOTE Magazine

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