HEALTH : Heaven 12" Single + RMXs

2008 | LP | 015

We love HEALTH. When we put on their debut album our jaws dropped at their huge, cavernous beats; thus we are extremely excited to be releasing a 12" single of their song Heaven with remixes by Narctrax (Tokyo) & Pink Skull (Philadelphia).

Limited to small run on some seriously nasty yellow vinyl, the 12" is available on their tour with Crystal Castles and much of their Spring US jaunt. You can find it in some select stores or order it right here on the site.

Track Listing

Side A
1. Heaven
2. Heaven - Pink Skull Remix
Side B
1. Heaven - Narctrax Remix


"Wow, talk about extreme makeover: the Tokyo-based DJ/electro-wiz transforms the crunchy, organ-laced singing/sighing opening lift from the quartet's debut into a hands-in-the-air banger at the next neo-wave rave!"
- Stereogum

"Eddie Van Narc aka Narctrax has sent us his remix of Heaven, and good lord, it's special. The original track has been transformed from an exercise in strange minimal noise rock to a trancey spaceage adventure laced with those beautifully subtle HEALTH vocals and what sounds like some kind of robotic birdcall. This is HEALTH for people who don't quite get HEALTH, with their tendency towards 40-second introductions composed of near silence broken up by bursts of well-placed noise, and their commitment to the value of not what’s been put into a track, but what’s been strategically left out. Narctrax's remix makes me feel like I'm in the middle of a jungle made entirely of stainless steel. Someone get me a robotic bird."
- ElectroRash

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