Chad VanGaalen : Soft Airplane

2008 | CD/2LP/Digital | 017

While his first albums hinted at musical reference points (that even Chad seemed to be reluctant to embrace), Soft Airplane reveals an artist utterly in stride – confident enough to span genres, while working with a determined and deliberate focus.

Freed somehow from expectations or restrictions, Chad's musical expression seems both focused and unfettered. The songs trace stories of birth and death, reflecting changes in his life over the two years since Skelliconnection, and cocoon the listener in a distinctive and unique world. Layered with a lush and complex mix of found sounds, vibraphone, corrupted synthesizers and drum machines, accordions, cello, clarinet, guitars and many others, Soft Airplane remains spacious and surges with pop-informed sophistication despite its lo-fi recording origins.

Track Listing

1 Willow Tree
2 Bones of Man
3 Cries of the Dead
4 Inside the Molecules
5 Bare feet on wet griptape
6 Phantom Anthills
7 Poisonous Heads
8 TMNT Mask
9 Molten Light
10 Old Man + The Sea
11 City of Electric Light
12 Rabid Bits of Time
13 Frozen Energon

Vinyl Bonus Tracks:
14 LTD Edition Vehicles
15 Eyes Like a House on Fire


"This soft airplane is one of a kind." 
Globe and Mail

"Calgary’s Chad VanGaalen has fast become one of Canada’s most prolific — and acclaimed — singer-songwriters."
- National Post

"An intimate, intelligent, and always transporting cycle of songs that sends VanGaalen closer to his own voice and, in the process, closer to us."
- Pitchfork

"If VanGaalen's aim was to make a cohesive pop record, he's come pretty close to perfection."
- Chartattack

"Soft Airplane is probably the best record I've heard all year - from Canada or anywhere else - and should solidify VanGaalen as the musical talent his fans have long been been screaming to anyone that would listen"
- HeroHill

"Soft Airplane is an album that is truly flawless in every possible way"
- The Spill

"This is the sound of a young artist wise beyond his years"
- The Coast

"It's his best work yet."
- Toronto Star

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