Ghostkeeper : Ghostkeeper

2010 | CD/LP/Digital | 020

With their second album Ghostkeeper delivers an extraordinary marriage of noisy blues and pop in a complex and textured sounding recording. Revealing his Northern Alberta origins, the distinctive voice of Shane Ghostkeeper cuts through the serpentine knots of intricate guitar and thumping cave rhythms that punctuate the songs. The result is a mysterious, unusual and nuanced voice, infused with Mississippi roots and traditional folk idioms, invigorated with an ever-shifting collage of characteristically inventive and deliciously off-kilter experimental blues and psychedelia.


Track Listing

1 Tea and Cree Talking
2 By Morning
3 Don't Come Knocking
4 Haunted
5 Metis Running
6 Like Moose Do
7 Baby Girl
8 Well, Well, Well
9 Piggy backin' (do cost you no money)
10 Spring Fever


"An early dark horse candidate for album of the year."
- I Heart Music 

"4.5/5 Stars"
- Metro News 

"Like Leadbelly turned Metis trickster."
- Globe and Mail

"Promises to stand out amongst a busy field of new releases in 2010."
- Exclaim!

"Just an amazing record."
- 5/5, See Magazine

"Invites and defies comparison."
- Eye Weekly

"Back porch freak roots?"
- Chartattack

""An understated lo-fi song collection that is at times loose, raw and off-the-cuff."
-Ottawa Express

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