Braids : Companion

Braids - Companion

2016 | LP / Digital | 031

Braids new EP Companion follows last year's release Deep In The Iris — an album that won the band a Juno, launched several worldwide tours and garnered the Montreal-based band international critical acclaim for their pristine, intricately ornamented electronic pop music. The seeds of the songs found on this new 19 minute EP were sown during the sessions for Deep In The Iris, and the EP further explores the sonic vistas introduced on that album.


The band completed the tracks on Companion during a burst of creative energy this past August, burrowing deeper into the sonic world they mapped out on the album while digging into new modes of expression and composition. Far from being outtakes or B-sides, the EP presents a beguiling study of extremes —from joy to disaffection, thunderous explosion to delicate introspection— as a cohesive whole. From the rhythmically provocative and melodically supple "Joni" — hich conjures a dream meeting of Bjork and Aphex Twin— to the nakedly powerful minimalist arrangement on "Companion" and the patient blossoming of "Sweet World", Companion once again demonstrates Braids' ability to fuse emotionally powerful songs with their gorgeous, unerring production sensibilities.

The four pieces of music on Companion offer a brief snapshot of a constantly-evolving group perpetually finding their way forward and exploring the edges of a totally distinctive group voice. Though it uses Deep In The Iris as a compositional guidepost, Companion is a breathtaking journey all of its own.

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