Un Blonde : Good Will Come to You

Un Blonde "Good Will Come to You"

2017 | LP / Digital | 034

Flemish Eye could not be more thrilled to announce that we will be working with Montreal-based Un Blonde, beginning with the re-release of his brilliant latest album Good Will Come To You. Un Blonde’s acclaimed album was originally issued in a very limited cassette-only run (on Montreal's Egg Paper Factory)  and sold out immediately. Now newly remixed and remastered, the album will get a full release worldwide digitally and be available everywhere for the first time on vinyl on September 22nd.

Un Blonde is the solo project of Montreal-based musician, producer, and composer Jean-Sebastian Audet. Over the course of a steady stream of self-produced albums and EPs, he laid down the framework for a constantly mutating series of musical environments, which forge highly unique connections between hints of contemporary r&b, cubist avant-funk, low-key soul, indie pop, and confessional songwriting. This heady mixture spilled over into Good Will Come To You, a brilliant, 21-song widescreen presentation of Audet's concepts, which landed him a spot on the Long List for that year's Polaris Music Prize and further cemented his growing reputation as one of the most compellingly original new artists to emerge in recent years. Upon the album’s initial ultra-limited release, The Fader opined that “Jean-Sebastian Audet's layered vocal harmonies are transcendent … they seem to guide him from an apartment and into the streets of Montreal, where he finds his own rhythm in the music, as he has always done.”

The album artwork - an important facet of Audet’s overarching artistic vision - has been reworked for the LP / CD formats and looks better than ever. And, as a bonus for purchasers of the LP version, we are thrilled to include a bonus download-only album of extra material from the “Good Will Come To You” sessions, including B-sides and alternate versions of album tracks.


1 Celebration
2 On My Grind
3 Open Sesame
4 I'm Free
5 Rain Will Not Change
6 I Felt The Evening Come Through The Window
7 Brand New
8 Exercise A
9 Staying In Line
10 In Harmony
11 Who I Am
12 Take Me Higher
13 The Real Way
14 Heat Of The Afternoon
15 A Level Playing Field
16 No Fronting
17 The Time It Takes
18 True Love
19 Look At Me Deep (Mutual Love)
20 Rain Cannot Change
21 Trust Your Judgement


"amazing...intoxicated with the thrill of life."
- Chart Attack

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