Braids are a three-piece experimental pop band from Montreal. Longtime friends, Braids was formed in 2007 in Calgary, AB.  After relocating to Montreal, the band released their critically acclaimed debut Native Speaker in 2011, and its 2013 follow-up Flourish // Perish.  Consisting of Raphaelle Standell, Austin Tufts, and Taylor Smith, Braids are a collaborative whole, emphasizing a collective creative experience.


Braids - Companion 2016 | LP / Digital | 031 Companion
2015 | CD/LP/Digital | 030 Deep in the Iris
2011 | CD/LP/Digital | 022 Native Speaker


Raphaelle Standell-Preston (vocals, guitar)
Austin Tufts (drums, vocals)
Taylor Smith (guitar, bass, vocals)

design + development: Structured Abstraction

Produced In Co-Operation with promofact