The Pat and Mark Show

MARK MOTHERSBAUGH has been creating voraciously for at least four decades now. He co-founded the pioneering conceptual art band Devo in 1972, and he’s been singing and playing guitar, synths and Minimoogs for them ever since. Mothersbaugh has also scored a treasure trove of TV shows and films, including most of Wes Anderson's work. He also paints, concocts trippy photos and makes daily postcard-sized doodles.

PATRICK FLEGEL is a product of the Calgary suburbs. He sings and plays guitar with his older brother, Matthew (bass/percussion/vocals), and two old friends, Michael Wallace (drums) and Chris Reimer (guitar/samples/vocals), in the band Women. He’s played in other bands, but has been ashamed of his musical past ever since overdosing on the gypsy jazz stylings of Django Reinhardt.   



Flegel / Mothersbaugh: 'Creative Inspiration':


Flegel / Mothersbaugh: 'What Music are you Listening to Now?':


Flegel / Mothersbaugh: 'The Interview Tables Turn':

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