EYE SPY Bonus Compilation

Not only did we make a fancy-pants collectible magazine for you to leave on your coffee table, we also rustled up a stunning little compilation for you to listen to while reading it. The treats never stop coming!

Some songs are from contributors, like the stomping unreleased track by Ghostkeeper, the unreleased garage-burner by Chad VanGaalen or Chris Reimer's epic 19 minute closer "Benelux". Other songs, like Morgan Greenwood's "Sam", or No More Shapes' haunting "New Years (Yves')", are directly referenced in the Chinese Fireworks mixtape on page two – as is a song by Braids lead singer Raphaelle Standell-Preston, who records occasionally as Indiensoci, and allowed us to share the gorgeous "Besnard". "Words" is from the new album by our own James Cullen, aka Church of the Very Bright Lights. Enjoy.


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Track Listing

  1. Ghostkeeper : "Dandelion" unreleased
  2. Chad VanGaalen : "shaking head" unreleased
  3. No More Shapes : "New Years (Yves')" from Creesus Crisus (2010)
  4. Morgan Greenwood : "Sam" unreleased
  5. Indiensoci : "Besnard" (demo)
  6. Church Of The Very Bright Lights : "Words" from Gang Crimes (2010)
  7. Chris Reimer : "Benelux" unreleased
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