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Women Rarities 2007-2010 now available for pre-order!

Ten years ago, on September 28, 2010, we released “Public Strain” — the second album by the young band Women. The band was made up of four friends that had known each other and played together since childhood, and we had released their debut self-titled album only two years before. Since then they had toured incessantly, building up fans, and went into the studio charged with ideas.

For the follow-up record, the band had returned to the studio with long-time collaborator (and label-mate) Chad VanGaalen. Chad’s production approach —combined with their comfortable rapport with him behind the tape machine— made for a charged crucible for the band’s ambitious songwriting, and the results of that session would be “Public Strain”, an album that would go on to influence a generation of other artists and create life-long, passionate fans.

However, the year-long recording process was fraught, exhausting and mentally draining, and it had taken its toll on the band. The album came out, and the band hit the road again — but a month later the band was finished, breaking up on stage. 18 months later, formidable second guitarist and lifelong friend Chris Reimer passed away suddenly at 26. Everyone in the band was devastated and the end of the band was sealed.

The story, and the album, have since become something of a legend. To us, it was very personal. We loved Women, and everyone in the band. It was a dark and difficult time —particularly for those that knew Chris personally— but the work that the band left behind transcends the dark clouds obscuring its creation. Both albums sit among the best things that the label has released, and “Public Strain” is a masterpiece, and we are proud to have been involved.

On the 10th anniversary of this album, we are happy to announce a couple of things. One, Public Strain is getting re-pressed on a limited-edition clear vinyl. Secondly, we are going to be releasing a collection of Women rarities. Fans of the band have waited years to hear snippets of rare material, and five of those rarities are now being compiled into one limited-edition collection to complement the reissue. “Rarities 2007-2010” features material that was either hard-to-find or never released, all mastered properly for the first time.

You can pre-order both now.

New album in the works from Dana Gavanski!

We are very happy to announce the new album from Dana Gavanski. "Yesterday Is Gone" is the debut LP from the Canadian singer-songwriter, and it will be on shelves everywhere March 27th. Listen to the first single "Good Instead of Bad” here.

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