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A new song, a new video, a new album, a new identity.

Fans of Un Blonde’s critically-lauded album "Good Will Come to You" will be ecstatic to hear that the Montreal-based creative wunderkind has a new album on the way. "The Same but by Different Means" will arrive March 1st 2019, but this time under a new name: Yves Jarvis.

Pre-orders are now open.

Watch the video for "Fruits of Disillusion" here.

Welcome to N0V3L

We are very excited to announce N0V3L to the label roster! Listen to to "Will To Power" and "Suspicion" here.

On Tourall dates

N0V3L (5/5 dates)

November 20 :: Toronto , ON
November 21 :: Montreal , QC
November 22 :: Montreal , QC
November 23 :: New York , NY
December 8 :: Vancouver, BC

Yves Jarvis (8/22 dates)

November 9 :: Kortrijk, BE
November 10 :: Utretch , NL
November 11 :: Brussels, Belgium
November 12 :: Paris , France
November 13 :: Strasbourg , France
November 15 :: Bologna , Italy
November 16 :: Zürich , Switzerland
November 18 :: München , Germany

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RT @CJSW: Sled Island announced their second wave line up. This is not a test. 🚨 2 years, 6 months

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