N0V3L l is an engine of entertainment and social criticism weaponizing rhythm and melody against the unsound powers that be. Rigid new-wave, angular funk, polyrhythmic disco and intellectual punk together approximate a radical new sound that forms the principal means of ideological circulation. Drawing influence from such mindful predecessors as Devo and Public Enemy, N0V3L offers an empowering, politically-charged stance in fierce opposition to the modern cultural landscape, a forceful call to mindfulness and moral resistance.


NoV3L - NOVEL (1440 wide) 2019 | LP | 038 NOVEL

Track Listing

1. To Whom It May Concern
2. Natural
3. Sign On The Line
4. Take You For
5. Will To Power
6. Suspicion
7. Are They
8. Division

design + development: Structured Abstraction

Produced In Co-Operation with promofact